Weight Loss Wednesday: first week!

This is the introduction post to a regular feature of Glitter & Nonsense: Weight Loss Wednesdays! Every other Wednesday I will be talking about my weight loss journey. Oh, and obviously, one must never forget:

First, we talk stats:

  • My height is 146cm,
  • my highest weight was 75kg,
  • and my current weight is 72.5kg.

And now we break it down to simpler goals:

  • first goal weight will be 69kg,
  • second goal weight will be 65 kg,
  • third goal weight will be 60kg,
  • and my ultimate goal weight will be 55kg,

WHOAH! How DID you put on 20kg?
I actually gained 25kg after two pregnancies, a C-section, a bad postpartum flare, and an unholy amount of prednisone! All from March 2011 to June 2013 … yikes. My weight at the end of 2010 was around 50kg.

Why do you want to lose weight?
Even though my cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure are the same as three years ago … I’m going to have to say health. I am a teeny tiny person who does not do well with extra weight. Extra weight and pressure on my joints isn’t so hot for my arthritis and lupus, either.
A big part of this is also self-image. I just do not feel comfortable in my own skin, and I hate that it doesn’t let me do all the things I used to do.

How will you lose the weight?
Good old exercise. Most of my weight gain was because of prednisone and being temporarily disabled or on bed rest. Also important are quitting smoking, and clean eating.

I’ll try to post every Wednesday that there’s an update on the weight loss front, as well as setbacks. Here goes nothing … or, hopefully, a bit over three stone!



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